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Mediumship Readings

Mediumship is process of communicating with the deceased and connecting to those in Spirit. Communicating with loved ones who have crossed over provides an opportunity for reconnection and affirms their presence in our active lives. Mediumship readings can provide healing, closure and validation from loved ones on the otherside that they are safe, at peace and sending love to you.

During a mediumship reading, Danielle will bring through evidence and essence from your beloved dead and their messages. During a session, Danielle may receive information by being shown images, hearing directly from Spirit, feeling emotions and physical sensations or being brought to shared memories from a loved one. Each reading is a unique experience guided by Spirit.

Psychic Readings

Psychic readings provide an opportunity for insight, guidance and inspiration for clients assisting and empowering them to move forward with confidence. During a reading, clients may wish to explore a specific area for guidance such as relationships, finances and money, career or health or seek general guidance on current and future conditions.

Danielle may be lead to provide intuitive guidance, use forms of cartomancy (tarot or oracle cards), work with your spirit guides or other divination techniques. Danielle will explore factors leading up to the current state, challenges, barriers and obstacles of influence to help you identify and take action, and outcomes based on these factors.

Animal Intuitive Sessions

Sharing our lives with animal companions deeply impacts and enriches our journey. Using animal communication to help animals and people better understand each other can result in more harmonious, fulfilling and balanced relationships. During a reading, Danielle will connect in with animals living and deceased to explore issues regarding the animal or caretakers gaining valuable insight into life situations.

Danielle will provide an energetic assessment of the animal where she will often experience physical and emotional sensations from the animal, explore behavioral patterns, health issues, food issues as well as dynamics between other animals and people in the home.

The animal you wish to connect with does not need to be present to establish a connection. Sessions are often directed by the animal with opportunities for questions from the caretaker.